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Each year the Society of Fellows organizes a large-scale, public event (or series of events) that reflects the interdisciplinary interests of the Society. In recent years, a year-long series of loosely-themed talks and lectures culminate in a Spring Quarter conference. These events are made possible thanks to the Bernard Weissbourd Memorial Fund.


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2013- 2014

Paradoxes of Authority/The Authority of Paradoxes

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2012- 2013

Universality and Its Limits
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania
For complete information about the conference  /page/universality-and-it-limits

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Ground Stories 
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Related Events:
Text Seminar: "Hegel on Becoming Responsible" - Mark Alznauer, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Northwestern University (10/19/11)

Fall Symposium (3/11/11)

Text Seminar: Deirdre McCloskey, Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communication, UIC & Professor of Economic History, Gothenburg University (11/16/11)

Text Seminar: "Eighteenth-Century Capitalism and the Cultural Origins of the French Revolustion" - William Sewell, Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service
Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science, University of Chicago (1/18/12)

Text Seminar: Discussion of Warfare State: World War II Americans and the Age of Big Government (Oxford, 2011) - James Sparrow, Associate Professor of U.S. History, University of Chicago (2/15/12)

Text Seminar: James Naremore, Chancellor's Professor of Speech Communication, Chancellor’s Professor of Comparative Literature, English, and Film Studies (4/25/12)

Text Seminar: Janice Radway, Walter Dill Scott Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University & Professor Emerita of Literature and History, Duke University (5/9/12)


Contradiction (Spring 2011)

Related Events:

Society of Fellows Symposium (10/22/10)

Text Seminar: "States with Nations" - Jacqueline Stevens, Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University (11/10/10)

Text Seminar: "The Royal Remains: The People's Two Bodies and the Endgames of Politics" - Eric Santner, Philip and Ida Romberg Professor in Germanic Studies, University of Chicago (1/5/11)

Text Seminar: "Value: An exhibition in Process" - Hamza Walker, Director of Education and Associate Curator, The Renaissance Society (2/8/11)

Text Seminar: "On the Origins of the Origins of the Influencing Machine" - Jeffrey Sconce, Associate Professor, Department of Radio/Television/Film, Northwestern Unviersity (4/5/11)

Text Seminar: "The Grand Tour in print: Count Harry Kessler's travel diaries as an editorial challenge" - Roland Kamzelak, Executive Director, German Literary Archive, Marbach (5/18/11)


Peculiar Institutions (Spring 2010)

Related Events:
Society of Fellows Symposium (10/16/09)

Text Seminar: "The Peculiar Institution of Naming" -Dianna Frid, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts, University of Illinois, Chicago (12/2/09)

Text Seminar: "Lost Prophet: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin" - John D'Emilio, Professor of History and Women's and Gender Studie, University of Illinois at Chicago (2/17/10)

Text Seminar: Discussion of Killing the Black Body - Dorothy Roberts, Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law, Northwestern University (4/27/10)

Text Seminar: Namita Goswami, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Depaul Univesrsity (5/12/10)


Worldmaking (Spring 2009)


Weissbourd Lecture: "The Epistemological Fate of the Authoritarian Character Theory of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research"- Helgard Kramer, Free University, Berlin (1/29/08)  Co-sponsored by 3CT

Annual Weissbourd Lecture: "Sociology & Politics: From Max Weber to Public Sociology" - Michael Burawoy, Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Social Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley (2/6/08) Co-sponsored by The Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies and the Anthropology of Europe Workshop  *


On Edward Said's “On Late Style: Music and Literature against the Grain” (10/25/06)
Speakers: Lydia Goehr, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University / David Levin, Associate Professor of Germanic Studies, University of Chicago / Sheila Fitzpatrick, Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor of History, University of Chicago / Concluding performance of Late Beethoven by the Society of Fellows String Quartet.

Intellectual Property, Piracy and Public Culture (1/19/07)
Opening Speech: “The Copy Itself” - Ravi Sundaram, Fellow, Ctr for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi // Round table discussion: Lawrence Rothfield, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Chicago / Adrian Johns, Professor of History and the History of Science, University of Chicago / Reading of a new play by Sarah Gubbins, “Fair Use.”
Co-sponsored by the Center for International Studies Norman Harris Wait Fund.

The Ethics of Collaboration (4/13/07)
Speakers: Walter Melion, The Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Art History at Emory University / Robert Richards, Morris Fishbein Professor of the History of Science and Medicine (and Senior Fellow in the Society of Fellows), University of Chicago / Melba Cuddy-Keane, Professor of English, the University of Toronto / Matt Rogalsky, media-artist, musician, and musicologist


Plato Versus Simpsons? Debates and Strategies in Teaching Classic Texts (1/21/06)
Screening of "Bart's Inner Child" from Season Five of the The Simpsons / Presentation by Preston Edwards on how to use this episode to teach a classic humanities text / Presentation by Carolyn Johnson on how to use this episode to teach a classic social sciences text / Remarks, questions, and reflections by David Bevington on the proposed uses of the episode, leading into a general discussion on using multimedia to enrich teaching

Trading Faces (2/17/06)

The Economics of Liberal Arts Education: Notes from the Frontlines (4/22/06)


Family Values(4/1/05-4/2-05)


Depression: What is it good for? (3/12/04-3/13/04)