Liberal Education Conference Schedule

**Click on the links below for video selections from the conference.  Each panel title links to the full panel, and each speaker's name links to the start of their talk.  The moderator's name links to the discussion between the panelists after each talk.**

Thursday, May 19 – Keynote Addresses

4:30-6:00                     Keynote Addresses

                                     Martha Nussbaum (Chicago)

                                     Talbot Brewer (UVA)

                                     Gabriel Richardson Lear, moderator (Chicago)

6:00-7:00                     Reception

7:30pm                         Dinner for Participants

Friday, May 20 – Panel Discussions

9:45-10:00                   Opening Remarks: Aviva Rothman & Aaron Tugendhaft

10:00-11:30                   Panel 1: The History of Liberal Education

                                     Carlos Fraenkel (McGill)

                                     Anthony Grafton (Princeton)

                                     Lorraine Daston (Chicago)

                                     Haun Saussy (Chicago)

                                    Ada Palmer, Moderator (Chicago)

11:30-12:00                  Break

12:00-1:30                   Panel 2: Liberal Education in the Modern University

                                     Julie A. Reuben (Harvard)

                                     Alison Byerly (Lafayette)

                                    Theodore O’Neill (Chicago)

                                    Eugene Lowe (Northwestern)

                                    Nina Valiquette Moreau, Moderator (Chicago)

1:30-2:30                     Lunch

2:30-4:00                    Panel 3: Liberal Education, Democracy, and Social Justice

                                    Bryan Garsten (Yale)

                                    Micere Keels (Chicago)

                                    Rana Saadi Liebert (Bard)

                                    Sara Goldrick-Rab (UW-Madison)

                                    Stacie Kent, Moderator (Chicago)

4:00-4:30                    Break

4:30-6:00                   Panel 4: The Task of the Liberal Educator

                                    Roosevelt Montás (Columbia)

                                    Karim-Yassin Goessinger (Cairo)

                                    Daniel Doneson (MIT)

                                    Susan Henking (Shimer)

                                    Ian Desai, Moderator (Chicago)

6:00-7:30                   Wine & Cheese Reception at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore