Manon Garcia

Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
Core: Power, Identity and Resistence

Gates-Blake 408

Manon Garcia received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in July 2017. Before coming to Chicago, she was a Edmond J. Safra Post-Doctoral Fellow-in-Residence and a Lecturer of Philosophy at Harvard University.

She published her first book, entitled On ne naît pas soumise, on le devient (« One is not born but rather becomes submissive ») in October 2018. This book, based on the last chapter of her dissertation, is a cross-over book devoted to Beauvoir’s analysis of female submission. In 2019, she will publish the first reader of feminist philosophy in France, Textes clés de philosophie féministe, at the philosophy publishing house Vrin.

Her primary research is in social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, moral philosophy, and philosophy of economics. She also has research interests in 20th Century French philosophy, critical theory, philosophy of social sciences, and phenomenology. Currently, she is working on a monograph, based on her dissertation, that is a philosophical analysis of the problem of consent to submission in the context of gender relations.

Manon is also working on a second project that proposes a feminist philosophy of economics. If the last two decades have seen important work of feminist philosophy of economics, there remains, however, basic unresolved questions that she wants to address thoroughly. For instance, is it possible to conceive of a just society in which more women than men would decide to stay at home to raise their kid(s)? Can it be fair that the specialization occurs in a way such that women are more likely to do care work and men market related work? Are stay at home moms necessarily oppressed?
Manon is a former student of the École Normale Supérieure de Paris, I hold a Master in Economics and Public Policy that is a joint degree between Sciences Po, École Polytechnique and ENSAE, and I passed the agrégation in philosophy (the most competitive examination in philosophy in France). She has served as a lecturer and a teaching fellow at Harvard, as a lecturer in philosophy at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, as a temporary lecturer in Sciences Po. I also taught philosophy in high school and French as a second language at UCLA