2018-2019 Calendar of Events



Orientation, Pt 1
Nuts and Bolts

Monday, September 24
9:00 - 1:30
Society of Fellows Conference   Gates Blake 324

Orientation, The Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts
Tuesday, September 25
8:45 - 1:00pm
Classics 110
Quarter Begins Monday, October 1st
Weissbourd Fall Symposium Friday, October 5
Cochrane-Woods Art Center
rm 157
Welcome Reception Wednesday, October 10
Smart Museum of Art

Society of Fellows Workshop
Speaker:  Samuel Zeitlin, Collegiate Fellow, Social Sciences

Title:  Indirection and the Retoric of Tyranny: An Introduction to The Tyranny of Values and Other Texts

Friday, October 12th
Gates-Blake 324


Practice Job Talk
Lauren Perez, Collegiate Fellow, Social Sciences

Questioning Europe:  Parliamentary Questions on EU issues and Brexit
Monday, October 22nd
Gates-Blake 324
Weissbourd Event:
Tour and Discussion of "The Time is Now! Art Worlds of Chicago's South Side, 1960-1980," with Rebecca Zorach, Co-Curator of the exhibit, Mary Jane Crowe Professor of Art History in Art and Art History at Northwestern University, Harper-Schmidt Fellow (2001-2003)

Friday, November 2
3:00 pm
David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art

RSVP to dneibel@uchicago.edu
Society of Fellows Professionalism Workshop
Stategies for Research and Writing (while teaching)

Friday, Novemger 9th
11:30am - 1:00pm

Weissbourd Event:
Ada Palmer, Associate Professor, Department of History
Discussion of Censorhip and Information Control: A Global History fromt eh Inquisition to the Internet
Monday, November 12th
3:45 pm
Joseph Regenstein Library, Special Collections


Society of Fellows Workshop
Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on the Voice

with Steve Rings, Katherine Kadue, Meghanne Barker and Milena Ang

Friday, November 30th
Gates-Blake 324

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday and Friday
November 23rd and 24th

Reading Period Thursday and Friday,
December 6th and 7th
Society of Fellows Holiday Party TBD
Quarter Ends Saturday, December 15th


Quarter Begins Monday, January 7th

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 21st
College Break Day Friday, February 15th
Reading Period Thursday and Friday, March 14th and 15th
Quarter Ends Saturday, March 23rd


Quarter begins Monday, April 1st
Memorial Day Monday, May 27th
Reading Period Thursday and Friday,
June 6th and 7th
Quarter Ends Saturday, June 15th