2009 Symposium

Society of Fellows Fall Symposium
Borders, Boundaries, Identities and Genres
October 16, 2009
All events will take place in Rosenwald Hall, Rm. 405

8:30-8:55 Coffee & Breakfast

9:00-9:55 Panel 1: Culture & the Nation
• Dorith Geva:“Rule of Exceptions: Conscription, Patriarchalism, and State Modernity in France and the United States.”
• Reha Kadakel: “Identity, Globalization, and Subjectivity”
• Nitzan Shoshan: “Reclaiming Germany – Notes Toward a Book Manuscript”
• Max Whyte: “Philosophy as Ideology: Truth and Power in the Third Reich”!

Chair: Bernard Harcourt,!Julius Kreeger Prof. of Law & Criminology; Prof. of Political Science

10:00-10:55 Panel 2: Form, Language, Grammar
• Katie Chenoweth: “Making Meta-Language: Grammar, Law, and the Limits of Writing in Mid-16th-century France”
• Edmund Dain: “Moral Fictionalism, Expressivism, and the Frege-Geach Problem”
• Erin M. Fehskens:“Courting Disorder and Catastrophe: Strategic Deployment of Epic in Contemporary Caribbean Literature”
• Judith Goldman: “Indexical Terms and their Place in Lyric Poetry”

Chair: Thomas Christensen, Master of Humanities Collegiate Division & Department of Music

11:00-11:55 Panel 3: Global and Colonial Spaces
• Nima Padipaty: “Making Space/Making Race: Tribal Anthropology and the Colonial Frontier in 19th Century British India”
• Chris Warren:“Underwriting Globalization: John Donne, Lyric Risk, and Interassurance of the Mind.”
• Elizabeth Heath: “Of Wine and Sugar”
• Spencer Leonard: “Adam Smith as Radical Imperialist: The Wealth of Nations and theIndia Question.”

Chair: David Bevington,Phyllis Fay Horton Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Humanities; Professor Emeritus, Departments of English Language & Literature, Comparative Literature and The College

12:00-12:55 Lunch

1:00-1:55 Panel 4: Materialism, Consumption, and Political Economy
• Greg Becket:“Undead Labor: The Figure of the Zombie in Haiti and the US.”
• Anita Chari:“Radical Democracy and the Problem of Formalism”
• Richard Westerman: “Marxism, Materialism and Virtue Ethics”
• Leigh Claire La Berge: “Social Relations and Narrative in Post-1970s US Finance”

Chair: Robert Gooding-Williams,!Ralph and Mary Otis Isham Prof. Dept. Political Sci. and the College

2:00-2:55 Panel 5: Foundations and Experiences of Contract!
• Andrew Dilts: “The Pardon and the limits of Contractarian Sovereignty”
• Mara Marin: “Commitment as A Revisionary Marriage Law”
• Jennifer Palmer: “Laws, Contracts, and Testaments: The Tale of One Woman’s Struggle to Preserve her Family Legacy in Eighteenth-Century France”
• Emily Steinlight: “The Society of the Surplus: Literary Form and the Politics of
Population in Nineteenth-Century British Culture”

Chair: Leora Auslander,Professor of History and the College, Committee, History of Culture; Committee on Jewish Studies; Center for Gender Studies

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break

3:30-4:25 Panel 6: The Spectacle, Skepticism and Critique
• Craig Carson: “Eighteenth-Century Society of the Spectacle: Visibility, Commodities and the Public Sphere”
• Sam Fenno:“The Realism of Interpersonal Encounters”
• Dina Gusejnova:!“Negative criticism and its subject: Marx, Rilke, and the practices of absolute negation”
• Megan Luke: “Sculpture in Exile: Kurt Schwitters in England”

Chair: Patchen Markell,Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and The College

4:30-5:25 Panel 7: Ways of Knowing and Their Contexts
• Sarah Graff: “The Incompatibility of Rationality and Embeddedness: Rethinking Karl Polanyi for archaeological explanation”
• Aaron Johnson:“Philosophy in Fragments: Religion and Identity in a Late Antique Platonist”
• Nathan Bauer: “Kant’s Conceptualism”
• Timothy Michael:“British Romanticism and the Principles of Political Knowledge”

Chair: Bert Cohler, William Rainey Harper Professor in the Social Sciences Collegiate Division; Professor, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, Divinity School, Committees on Human Development and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities

5:30-6:30 Closing Reception

6:30 Pub (first round on us!)