Simon Taylor

Simon W. Taylor received his Ph.D. in Modern European History from Columbia University in May 2014. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Simon received an M.A. in Political Philosophy and a B.A. in History and Politics from the University of York, England. His research focuses on the intersection between modern philosophy and medicine, in particular psychiatry and psychoanalysis. Simon's dissertation, entitled "The Modern Condition: The Invention of Anxiety, 1840-1970," details the process by which anxiety was transformed from a trope of nineteenth-century theology and philosophy into the medical diagnosis we have today. Simon is also interested in technologies of sound and music, especially in the electronic era. Simon has an essay on the holistic neurology of Kurt Goldstein forthcoming in Modern Intellectual History and an article on Leo Strauss's conception of Zionism in progress. With Stefanos Geroulanos and Todd Meyers, he is also co-editing an edition of a previously unpublished manuscript by Goldstein, forthcoming from Merve Verlag.