Jeff Jackson

Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
Core: Power, Identity and Resistance

Gates-Blake 332

Jeff Jackson received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2014. His research interests include contemporary democratic theory, American pragmatist philosophy, Continental political theory, and philosophy of education. His book, Equality Beyond Debate: John Dewey’s Pragmatic Idea of Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2018), uses John Dewey’s pragmatist philosophy to build a conception of democracy that effectively confronts the problem of structural social inequality. The book argues that the dominant models in current democratic thought—which focus mainly on instituting ideal forms of political debate—do not adequately account for the impact of social inequality on those debates and on individuals’ everyday lives, and that Dewey’s principles help us to better understand the essential relationship between democracy and the overcoming of social inequality. Jeff’s work has appeared in Political TheoryPolityDemocratic TheoryThe Pluralist, and Education and Culture.