Jared Secord

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of History
Washington State University

Jared Secord received his Ph.D. in Greek & Roman History from the University of Michigan in 2012. His research focuses on the cultural and intellectual history of the Greco-Roman world, with emphasis on early Christianity, ancient medicine, and Greek scholars who lived in the city of Rome. He has published articles on early Christian engagement with Greek intellectual culture in the Roman Empire, and ancient attitudes about introduced and invasive species of plants and animals. Current and forthcoming projects include several articles about early Christian interests in medicine, and a paper about the reception of Greco-Roman antiquity in heavy metal music. He is also finishing a book manuscript, An Ancient Culture War: Cross-Cultural Intellectual Encounters in the Roman World, 100 BCE – 300 CE. At WSU, he teaches courses in pre-modern European and World history, plus one of the department’s required courses for History majors, “Writing about History.”