Jared Holley

Max Weber Fellow
European University Institute (Florence)

Jared Holley received his PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Cambridge in 2013, after having completed an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History in 2009. His research interests fall into three related areas across the history of political thought, with a particular focus on the eighteenth and twentieth centuries: Hellenistic moral and political thought and its modern reception; conceptions of judgment and the passions in theories of moral and political agency; the relationship between history and philosophy. These interests cohere in Jared’s doctoral dissertation, entitled Eighteenth-Century Epicureanism and the Political Thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. By reconstructing his relationship to the ideas of Epicurus and the Epicurean tradition, the dissertation explores Rousseau’s abiding concern with the happiness of the good man, the justice of the good citizen, and their potential but problematic realization in and through political peace. Jared has published in History of European Ideas and International Journal of the Classical Tradition, and is currently revising his dissertation for publication.