Genevieve Rousseliere

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Duke University

Core: Power, Identity and Resistance

Geneviève Rousselière is a political theorist working at the intersection of the history of modern European political thought, social and economic philosophy and contemporary theory.  Her book manuscript, Sharing Freedom: Republican Democracy from Rousseau to Durkheim, argues that an unprecedented model of republican democracy, different from its classical ancestor and its more elitist American counterpart, developed in the course of the nineteenth century with the challenge of sharing a robust form of freedom equally among a large population riddled with economic and social inequality. The book shows the strengths and weaknesses of this demanding ideal and uncovers the novel social form of theory that shaped it in the work of major and lesser-known thinkers such as Condorcet, Constant, Sismondi, Tocqueville and Durkheim. Other fields of research include the economic thought of Rousseau and the question of social justice in republican and democratic theory. She has taught at Northwestern University, the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, and Princeton University. An alumna of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, where she was trained in classical and modern philosophy, she earned her PhD from Princeton in 2011.

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